Friday, April 20, 2012

Why I Hate This Video

"Women are not an interest group.  They are mothers, and daughters, and sisters, and wives.  They are half of this country.  They are perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health."  

I totally hand it to the President.  He deftly outmaneuvered the Republicans on birth control coverage - making them seem like crazed, right-wing ex-boyfriends who really, really hate it when women have and enjoy sex.  Obama won that battle - no matter that the pundits completely missed the boat and still don't get what that entire fight was about and that many, many women are still fuming about it.

I have grown to like and respect the President.  I think he's basically a good, very smart guy.  But he surrounds himself with mostly men.  And this is where that shows.

This is a bad message.  It's patronizing and it's clumsy and it defines women entirely by their relationship to others.

We are not a special interest group.  Thanks for the info.  For one thing, we aren't one group.  For another, we don't agree on everything.  Do not lump me in with Sarah Palin and Snooki.  

We're half of the country.  More than half, if we want to be technical.  Significantly more than half the vote (about 8 million more), if we want to be pragmatic and technical.  We were the difference between the Obama Presidency and the McCain Presidency.  You're Welcome.

We are mothers and daughters and sisters and wives.  Of men, presumably.  Because that's what makes us important?  Our relationship to the people who legitimately matter?  Because when was the last time you heard, "Men are fathers and sons and brothers and husbands"??  Way to "humanize" us, jackass.  How about we are doctors and lawyers and teachers and nurses and soldiers and cops and we can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...

We are perfectly capable of making our own choices about our health.  Again, thanks.  We know that.  Talk to the complete morons across the aisle from you.

The better message:  "I cannot believe that in this day and age somebody is trying to turn back the clock on women's hard-won freedoms and trying to limit the lives and choices of my daughters.  I've had it with right wing politicians trying to tell my daughters and my wife what they can and cannot do.  Supporters of Planned Parenthood: you can count on me.  I will always support a woman's right to choose and I will always fight for women's health and rights."

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  1. There is absolutely nothing in this post that I disagree with. I did think at the time that the President's message, while well-intentioned, was more than a little tone-deaf.