Saturday, May 19, 2012

Casting Game

Emily:  Obama and Romney, what action movie characters would they be?

Mandi:  I don't know if either are really action movie guy material.  Romney is clearly a Hans Gruber type villian or the smarmy captain that the action hero has to rebel against.  Obama lurches between awkwardness and a feline grace, but he's so skinny, I don't see who he could be-Blade maybe?  But no one immediately springs to mind.

Emily:  It's true, very few of our presidents (or candidates for the office) seem action-hero-y.  That said, if forced I'd say Romney is more Terminator (no emotions, stilted), and Obama more like a Michael Keaton-era Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton wasn't huge, he was more cerebral).  But Romney is the rich one, and he's certainly not from the future.  Teddy Roosevelt, FWIW, was kind of Die Hard-y: pithy, big-talking, resourceful.

P.S. Apparently Will Smith wants to answer this question...

P.P.S. John McClane would like to register that Romney is NOT his sort of dude.

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