Monday, June 11, 2012

On Muppets and Chaos

Humans really, really like to categorize things.  This fact explains science and philosophy.  It explains astrology and Myers-Briggs.  It explains nationalism, sports, and racism.  And it explains Muppet Chaos Theory, as explained by the excellent Dahlia Lithwick in Slate last week.

Mandi, of course - being on top of all things current and next in line to be current - brought this theory to my attention.  We spent a bit of time trying to figure out what we and our husbands are - chaos or order.

But I had an idea over the weekend: what if instead of a dichotomy, chaos and order are two sides of the individual, as expressed through each muppeteer?  After all, Jim Henson played Kermit (quintessential Order) and Ernie (quintessential Chaos)...


...And Frank Oz played Bert and Miss Piggy...

And Elmo?  Well, he's both sides, but Kevin Clash does also play Hoots, and I'm sure we can read something into that if we try hard enough.

Thoughts?  New categories?  Scientific research?

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