Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Cray-Cray Valentine's Day

Alright.  The crazy has become too much.  I must comment.

1. Dear Wayne LaPierre:  Stop trying to make Mad Max happen.  Mad Max is not happening.  You know how in law they say when you don't have the facts or the law on your side you should pound the table?  You, sir, are pounding the table.  And everybody but the way-paranoid-fringe knows it.  Stop.  This is about children and safety.  This is about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and violent people.  This is not a video game.  You are the thing standing in the way of our progress as a society on gun violence.  Stop being the problem.  Sincerely, Emily

P.S. Let's listen to the incredibly sensible, thoughtful Senator Durbin on the subject.

(If you can't watch the whole thing, listen to what the Maryland cop says at about 5:40.)

2. Hey, let's just all agree to NEVER do an immediate SOTU response, 'mkay?  You can do something the next day if you like.  But the immediate response is never on target, it's never anywhere close to the gravitas of the actual thing, and it makes prominent party leaders laughing stocks for stupid reasons.  Just say no.


They look too dignified for this.

3. What in God's Green Earth is going on in the Wisconsin Supreme Court?  Can somebody please step in and end the madness?  If justices are physically abused by other justices, I think we've hit the impeachable point.

Hagel, in an actual war.  Unlike Senator Cruz,
who said Hagel doesn't support defense.
4. Let's Do Some Political Math: Chuck Hagel Is a Republican.  Obama is a Democrat.  Everybody and their dog knows that we need to make defense spending cuts.  Even the Defense Department says so.  It's easier to make that case as a Democratic President if you have a Republican Defense Secretary.  So while all this show is very entertaining, let's not pretend that anybody has an actual problem with Hagel except for Senator McCain.  And Senator McCain's problem with Hagel is personal (and understandable, Hagel was a personal friend of McCain's who basically climbed aboard the Obama Train in 2008).  But everybody else is just fighting the idea of a Republican Defense Secretary calling for defense cuts - especially one with actual combat experience who might be, you know, widely credible.

(Context: Senator Nelson is a measured, gentle guy.)

5. The Tea Partiers at FreedomWorks did WHAT????  Buy a clue, people.  Then buy some common sense, decency, and respect for women.  That is all.

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