Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gay Marriage Follies

So.  Many.  Gay.  Marriage.  Memes.

1.  Icons as Gay Married:

...and of course...

2. Meme as Political Argument:

Sally Ride.  She came out after she died.

I know, I don't usually include swearing, but this was so funny I had to add it.

3. Gay Marriage Is Fabulous!

Again, too funny to pass up.

4. Being Anti-Gay-Marriage Is Stupid/Hypocritical:

Yes, it happened.

5. SCOTUS and Gay Marriage:

Totally wrong Court make-up, but funny sentiment.

6. Facebook Picture Haters:

7. Fun with Equal Signs:

Happy Gay Easter!

Martha Stewart's contribution: "Equality is sweet."

Pretty sure Rothko didn't intend it this way, but here it is.

Love is good.  That is all.

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