Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Things That 90 Percent of Americans Agree On

Color me angry.  The Senate is about to fail to pass even the compromise version of legislation to improve background checks for gun purchases.


So as a sort of follow-up to my "10 Things That Are More Regulated Than Guns" post, I decided - on this day of the Senate vote on a compromise, bi-partisan, non-universal background check bill - to take a look at some things that are as popular with Americans as universal background checks for gun purchases...

10.  Presidents in Wartime.  President George W. Bush, the week after 9/11/01.  Also George H.W. Bush the week after the Persian Gulf War started.  Truman only got to a meager 87 percent on the verge of V.E. day.

9.  The Sun.  89 percent of Americans support solar power.

8.  Recycling.  92 percent of Americans reuse their plastic bags.

7.  Turkey.  88 percent of Americans eat turkey at Thanksgiving.

6.  Tricking and Treating.  87 percent of Americans participate in Halloween.

5.  Coffee.  90 percent of Americans consume caffeine every day.

4.  You Scream, I Scream...  90 percent of Americans eat ice cream regularly.

3.  Mounties, eh?  91 percent of Americans approve of Canada.  87 percent have a negative view of Iran.

2.  Marriage.  90 percent of Americans Are Projected to Marry in their lifetimes.


1.  90 Percent of Americans Support Universal Background Checks for Gun Purchases.

...So now, tell me: who do you love, Senators?  Because 90 percent of us are about to be pretty darn angry at you if you can't get this job done.


  1. Now I want ice cream. Also, a functioning and rational congress.

  2. I got my ice cream! Now can I get a functioning and rational congress?