Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Follies: Mayan Apocalypse Edition

So apparently it's the End of the World As We Know It...

...But in the meantime, it's taken us too long to figure out the winner of the election contest.  That's because it took a long time for the final popular counts to get in, but also because we ran into an unforeseen (because we're new at this contest thing) circumstance: people who got close on electoral count did not get close on popular, and vice versa.  

So, after a discussion, we decided that the winner - Sara S. - would be determined based on who got closest on the electoral (since, in the end, that's what counts here).  And Sara did get impressively close.  

Our two second place winners were Sea Bass and Sherene, who came the closest on the popular vote.  

Great job, guys :-)  

Next contest to follow in the new year.  And now, onto the Follies...

It's Just Another Day??  Sure, that's what the scientists WANT you to think...  


1. Chill, The Mayans Were Not All-Knowing -

2. AHHH!  The Mayans ARE All-Knowing!

3. Reasons The Prediction Is Wrong

4. Signs of the Apocalypse

5. The Extended Forecast

6. Ways to Take Advantage of the Situation

7. Plus Ca Change...

8. D'Oh!

9. Glass Half Full

10. Strategery for the Party -

11. And After the Party's Over...?


  1. Yay! Thanks - I was concerned maybe I hadn't given you enough information. I got CO and NC wrong, for opposite reasons - thought the Research Triangle would do for NC what apparently Denver did for CO, yet thought CO would be swayed by its neighbors. And the obligatory joke = "it must be the end of the world because I finally won a contest and I never win these things", hur hur!

    1. Hey, this one took skill, so it's different :-) We will, btw, be giving prizes to all three winners. We'll get in touch with you guys after the new year to set it up :-)