Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Regularly-Scheduled Programing?

So Mandi and I are going to be posting sporadically for awhile.  We're both pretty busy right now, and we're experimenting with time management and priorities.

Here are a couple of stories I've found interesting to tide you over:

In Friendlier Times.

  • The Worst CEOs of 2012.  AKA "Ways the Market Doesn't Solve Problems."  I'm still not really clear on what a "Good CEO" looks like these days to people like Business School Profs, but I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have the same definition.

Hunter Bubba.

  • To Cop Out or to Grow Some Ovaries?  Do it.  Fix the Filibuster.  We really do want you to, guys.  And just for clarification: Fix = Reinstate the Stand Up and Talk Filibuster.

This is what you should look like after a filibuster...

...Not like this.

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