Saturday, July 21, 2012

Presidents: Dog People?

What is the deal with presidents/people running for president and dogs?

I'm not saying they don't love their animals.

LBJ with a couple of his beagles (these are probably "Him" and "Her"):

But it's a mixed history at best.

LBJ holding a beagle up by its ears (he said they liked it).

Nixon had his deal with Checkers.

There was a time during the Lewinsky scandal that it seemed like the only one who liked Clinton was Buddy.  Yes, there was Socks, but who are we kidding: Socks was Chelsea's pet.

And now we've added Bo ("Bobama") to the pantheon.

And Romney's bizarre relationship with Seamus.

Okay, I have tried as hard as I am willing on a weekend, but I can't find any actual pictures of Romney with Seamus, or any of Romney with any dog.  This is what HuffPo went with:

Politico compiled some jokes about Romney and dogs.

Politics. It's for the dogs.

...Okay, I'll throw you cat-lovers a bone :-)

Winston Churchill was a definite cat-lover.

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