Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Meme

"Romney Blew It in London."

This is the main take:

Even Karl Rove thinks Romney blew it:

Here's the way it plays on the BBC:

Probably not so good to start out your "foolproof" friends-only foreign policy trip by offending the Brits.


  1. This was supposed to be a slam-dunk, feel-good tour. How did he mess that up? #Romneyshambles!/search/%23romneyshambles

  2. I think it's related to his general cluelessness about she he is being rude/offensive. He seems to miss some serious opportunities every time he talks. Don't know if it's a filtering problem or if his people are a problem, too. Well, no, his people are definitely a problem, too: anglo-saxon.

  3. when he is being rude. autocorrect and sleepiness. sigh.