Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Follies-Ranting At An Empty Chair Edition

The Great RNC Chair Debacle of 2012.  Last night Romney gave a speech accepting his party's nomination to be the Republican standard-bearer for president in 2012.  And no one cared.  Because Clint Eastwood gave a speech, where he ranted at a chair (which was supposed to be stand-in for Obama).  It was...uncomfortable to watch.  See the speech, below:


The internet, predictably, had some fun with "Invisible Obama", as did Obama himself.  Follow me below the fold...

1.  Mitt, no one cares:

2. McKayla still isn’t impressed:

3. Twitter gets in on the action:




4. Even President Obama got snarky with it:

5. A chair supporter gets in on the act:


6.  More snark:

7. And finally…hope:


  1. Posit: The internets, and particularly tumblr and twitter, are a little too perfect for Generation Snark. I enjoy them, because I'm part of the generation, but they definitely reduce rather than enlarge ideas (see e.g. "you didn't build that").

    And also, I'm impressed with how fast this meme rolled out. My favorite one that didn't make the list was the "Get Off My Lawn" one. My favorite of this lot is "This Chair's Taken."

  2. Whoops, seat. "This seat's taken." Pre-coffee commenting is always treacherous.

  3. I really have to wonder if the Republicans are not deliberately trying to lose the race at this point. This goes back to your convention speech post, did no one vet this speech before Clint delivered it? Were organizers so bowled over by Eastwood's star power that they just let him wing it, and hoped for the best? If Romney is trying to make the case that he is more competant than Obama, he certainly failed at it.

  4. Maybe he didn't tell them and they thought the chair was for him to rest on - the guy is old, after all. But you're right, I'm left with the impression that they were so psyched to get Clint that they didn't bother with the details. The particularly bad news for Mitt is that he really, really needed to get some redefining done, a reintroduction of a guy who feels your pain, and I'm pretty sure no one will be talking about anything like that this morning.

  5. May I recommend Jon Stewart's 10:27 riff on this?

    It had Mr. Beadgirl and me rolling on the floor. And wishing I could force Romney and his campaign staff and the GOP leaders to watch it and then write a 10 page essay on it.