Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! Kiss a Union Member

From Chris Christie's speech last week at the Republican Convention:

Here is what they believe. They believe the educational savages will only put
themselves ahead of children, that self- interest will always
trump common sense, they believe in pitting unions against
teachers, educators against parents, lobbyists against children.   
They believe in teachers' unions .  We believe in teachers.

Got a bit of news for you, Chris: Teachers unions are nothing more or less than a whole bunch of teachers.  Sure, those teachers are banding together so that Governors like you don't pay them terribly and renege on the deals you made with them.

If you want people to act in accordance to the market, but you don't want working class people to band together so that they have some power, sure, you hate unions.  But don't pretend that you are then in favor of those working people.  You are not.  You are trying to rob them of the economic power that a capitalist society should afford them.

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