Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Follies: One Step Beyond!

Hey, it's the Last Follies Before the Election!

I believe this calls for some music, and some video madness.  So without further ado...

My personal choice for theme song for Mittens:


And although he picked his own, here's my personal choice for theme song for the Prez:


And now for some of the funnier videos out in the last week or so...

Political Kombat, Obama vs, Romney (you can vote for your own ending here):


Hey, black people of Ohio, did you know a Republican freed the slaves?  Well, this ad is here to educate you.

Do you remember that Chris Christie dude who hated the President with a flaming passion?  Yeah, that guy is gone.  In his place?  A guy who thinks the president is doing an outstanding job...

...Conservatives went nuts over that.

They also went nuts over this:


...Not really sure why.  Maybe because of the oh-so-naughty double entendre?  Please.  I've seen way worse on prime-time TV.  A friend suggested it's because Dunham is a bit sexually-ambiguous.  I didn't see it that way, but then, I'm pretty far from a conservative dude.

And of course, you'd probably revoke my Girl Cred if I didn't mention this one:


And finally, for Mandi, and the Hubby:


... Oh okay, just one more, since it's the last time.


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