Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Follies: Prez Is Not Impressed

So we're taking tomorrow off, because unlike Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us, and Sears, we Respect the Holiday.  I mean seriously: only TV Celebrities, Broadway Dancers, High School Marching Bands, and Football Players are supposed to work on Thanksgiving :-)

In the meantime, let's meme it up.

First there was McKayla, being unimpressed:

...and then...

Way #1 to know the President is feeling pretty good these days?

...he is willing to participate in breaking the internet.

1. McCain skips the info session on Benghazi while complaining he has no info on Benghazi:

2. Prez Not Impressed by Romney/Ryan:

4. Even the Rs Got into the Meme Act:

Ooh, burn.  But see: Supreme Court decision.

5. Prez Apparently Weighs in on All Manner of Current Events:

Particularly Masterful Photoshopping Skills Here.

I believe the President is making a comment on the Greek-Tragedy-like nature of Petraeus' Hubris.

The Prez goes to an Old-Time-y portrait shop, with his best buds McKayla and Gov. Christie.

6. Warning: Mandi's Favorite, the face-swap, quickly scroll on past if you can't stand the face-swap...

7. And My Personal Favorite:

This may be making the statement that the President is a vampire, however.  No reflection...

So Have a Happy Thanksgiving, People...  

And Because I Love You...  Gobble, Gobble, y'all:


  1. Can we talk about how much I hate the face swap? Because I really, really do.

    1. See, and here I thought I was adding it for you! You always include them. Why do you include them if you hate them?

    2. Because they are so popular! Yes, I realize that I then become part of the problem. It's a vicious circle, man...

  2. Mckayla "Moron"ey shouldn't be celebrated for her disrespect. She is nothing more than a spoiled brat. Now, we would've never heard the end of it, if Gabby Douglas were to display this same type of attitude. The meme ABW, ring a bell, just sayin' ;-) Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Ehhh *shrugs*. I'm willing to give Mckayla a pass. She has repeatedly stated that she wasn't making the face on purpose, but she was of course very mad at herself for missing out on the gold. She has managed to be very good-humored about a meme taken from one of the most disappointing moments of her life thus far. I wish we could all keep such an even keel about things.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    2. I think the general meme theory is just to use what the image represents to comment on something else entirely - hence the left and right uses of the Obama version. But I get what you're saying. I will say, as someone who occasionally gets accused of looking angry when I'm not, I am willing to listen when McKayla says that she didn't mean it that way :-)